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Amsoil Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-90

Manual Transmission …

AMSOIL Synthetic Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube is specifically formulated to reduce friction and maintain viscosity for long component and fluid life. It is designed to excel in severe-service conditions that exceed the limitations of conventional fluids.
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Amsoil Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid 5W-30 MTF

Synchromesh 5W-30

Designed for manual transmissions and transaxles with synchromesh systems that require light viscosity, non-extreme-pressure fortified oil. Additive technology provides proper friction characteristics for smooth shifting. The ultimate in gear and bearing protection & outperforms motor oils in manual transmissions.
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Synthetic Powershift Transmission Fluid SAE 10W CTG

Powershift 10W 30W 5…

AMSOIL Synthetic Powershift Transmission Fluid is compatible with common metallic and non-metallic friction materials. Its stable frictional characteristics help eliminate excessive brake noise and vibration. Its non-slip friction properties are designed to prevent clutch slippage, which can cause glazing or friction-surface deposits and material degradation. Powershift Transmission Fluid is formulated to deliver responsive yet smooth clutch engagements, excellent power transmission through clutches and synchronizers and superior hydraulic fluid performance.
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Amsoil SAE 50 Long-Life Synthetic Transmission Oil FTF

SAE 50 Long-Life Syn…

Specially formulated to meet the demanding requirements of manual transmissions found in high-torque, heavy-duty line-haul trucks and other commercial applications. Its synthetic base stocks and premium additives help reduce gear and bearing wear, improve shifting and extend transmission life throughout drain intervals of up to 500,000 miles/five years.
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Amsoil Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil TCC

Synthetic Chaincase …

Amsoil Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil TCC provides superior protection and performance for enclosed chains and gears found in snowmobiles, ATVs and general equipment. Formulated with extreme-pressure additives, it helps extend chain and gear life through increased wear protection. AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil repels water, while also inhibiting rust, oxidation and foam. Its low pour point ensures superior low-temperature starting, reducing drag to deliver maximum power.
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Amsoil ATV & UTV, Front-Drive, Differential & Transmission Fluids

ATV & UTV (2)

AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV Front Drive Fluid, Transmission and Differential Fluids are engineered to deliver upgraded performance for hard-working and performance ATVs and UTVs. Their outstanding severe-service formulation allows riders to confidently and safely push their machines to the limit, whether tackling tough chores around their property or riding aggressively on the trail.
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Amsoil Synthetic Dirt Bike Transmission Fluid DBTF

Synthetic Dirt Bike …

Grabbing the holeshot in a race or maneuvering around obstacles on the trail requires a transmission fluid that doesn’t slip or grab. AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Transmission Fluid is specifically formulated to provide consistent clutch feel, delivering riders confidence their clutch will respond the way they want.
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Amsoil Authorized Dealer

Hi, my name is Bradley Jepson and am an authorized distributer of Amsoil products. I became a dealer because I believe in their quality through personal use. They have kept my cars running smoothly over five years now.
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